Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Misc Yarny News

 Been busy using up single skeins to make hats and giving them away to friends.  This one is a free pattern called the Copy Cat CC Beanie.  Stores are selling this beanie called the Colorado Chick beanie and this lady came up with a pattern that looks just like it.  I dont’ know her name but her blog is called Clementine Knits & Crochets.  You can also find her pattern linked on Ravelry under the name Copy Cat or CC Beanie.  It’s worsted weight.  The brim is doubled and really warm over your ears.  This pattern is one of the best fitting hats I’ve ever made.  The pattern calls for a provisional cast on and then you fold it over and join the working stitches with the provisional stitches.  I didn’t have great luck doing that so I just made the brim the length called for and sewed it to the inside.  I made a mint green one out of leftover sweater yarn too.  I found some really cute small leather tags to sew on too. Got them from Etsy.  Like every other knitter around lately, I’m catching the pompom fever so I’m thinking of making a few with a faux fur pompom...not a yarn pompom.  So more snow today. Barre class was canceled.  Working on finishing Clue 3 of the Cozy Up with the Stitching Sisters mystery knit along.  It’s not something I can work on with a lot of activity going on around me so I thought I’d crank out as much as I could before watching the Bruins game tonight.  Hopefully they will beat the Habs again :)   

No real reason for the dog pictures.  Just showing off her new look. She was in desperate need of grooming but with the temps as low as they have been I tried to hold off getting her groomed.

The mail man delivered me some yarny goodness today...not that he had an easy time getting up the driveway. A Raveler was destashing some Blackwater Abbey new favorite sweater yarn. I made the last Isabell Kraemer sweater out of Blackwater Abbey and it is going to last forever.  I got it for $63 less than retail and she didn’t even charge me for shipping.  What a deal :). Now to find the perfect sweater pattern for this yarn :). 


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Pure Barre...I found my exercise niche

I found my exercise niche.  I’ve tried all sorts of sports.  I went to a driving range to learn how to whack a golf ball.  Two and a half buckets later, I was going to the ER with severe lower back spasms.  I’d be willing to give golf another whack though. I could maybe just do one bucket of balls. I even took golf lessons.  The first time I got my golf ball off the ground, I was so happy. My joy of finally not hitting a “grounder” upset the golfer next to me concentrating on his swing.  Oops sorry but did you happen to notice my ball got off the ground?   The instructor told me squealing is not permitted :). I tried downhill skiing and was terrible at it.  I’m so so at cross country skiing.  I tried tennis and was horrible at it.  I tried racquet ball and didn’t have the eyeball coordination or speed to keep track of where the ball was. Not that it mattered, I would have just ducked from it anyway. I tried kick boxing and loved it but my doctor does not recommend impact sports for me because of my osteoporosis.  I have the bone density of a canary and could snap like a twig at any moment :). I tried Zumba and ended up leaving early.  I tried yoga many times and I keep trying to like it but I just don’t.  My yoga loving friends can't believe I don’t like yoga.  I don’t even like the music.  I read there is suppose to be some sort of spiritual state or enlightenment that comes with yoga.  I never got there.  I can’t turn off what is going on around me.  When the instructor tells us to close our eyes, I’m the one in the back of the room with one eye open.  Maybe it’s the ex-cop thing but I’m not sitting in a room full of strangers with my eyes closed.  Somebody needs to be a witness if something were to happen.  In one class the man to me was farting up a storm.  In his defense, I think he was stretching a little bit too much.  Hard to get into a spiritual state with someone tooting next to you. Today I finally found something that I love. Pure Barre.  Had my first class today and I loved it. Pure Barre combines ballet barre moves with exercises with a small stability ball and weights. I used to take ballet lessons when I was a pre-teen.  I always loved the barre work better than the floor work. Inside of me has always been a ballet dancer trying to get out.  She and I will be taking the Saturday morning class together :).

Monday, January 8, 2018

New Year’s Resolution

My New Year’s resolution this year is to surround myself with more active, happy people. These kind of people are out there right? Somebody tell me they exist!!!  Do-ers and not talkers. I’m tired of being around women in my age bracket (50 plus and quickly approaching 60) who are living life like they are a hundred and have one foot in the grave.  I want to be around people who don’t view walking as cruel and unusual punishment and they can make it from point A to point B without looking like they are going to have a coronary or stroke.  I want to be around people that I’m not constantly waiting on or waiting for.  I’d love to be around people who I struggle to keep up with and who challenge me.  I want to be around women who are honest enough to realize that I’m not walking too fast and that the reason they can’t keep up is the 100 plus extra pounds they are carrying or the fact that they are wearing flip flops because they can’t fit into any other shoes.  I want to be around people who don’t view going out to eat as an activity.  It’s not doing anything.  It’s just eating.  The purpose of eating is to provide the energy to do something else.  When do we ever get to the “something else”?  I want to be around people who are not anxiety ridden or living in constant fear of the unknown.  I’ll take that chance that a terrorist isn’t going to find me and God help them if they do :)  I want to be around people who don’t put a halt to fun because they suddenly require a midday nap. You want to take a nap? Now????  I want to avoid the people who can come up with a dozen reasons why we shouldn’t do something, the minute I mention it.  Any wonder my current attitude is screw it I’ll go alone :) Have GPS will travel :) I’ll tell you about it when I get back.....unless of course the terrorists actually do get me. 

To start accomplishing my resoltuion, late last night I went on line and signed up for a rather different exercise class (well different for me). All my best decisions are made at around midnight when everyone else is asleep :).  My first class is Wednesday morning.  I may love it.  I think I’ll love it.  I may not love it at first.  I may hate it.  I may love it but suck at it but if that’s the case I’ll still keep going. :). If I only did things I was great at, I’d have a ton of free time.  :). Come hell or high water, I’m meeting people doing something more than sitting on their every growing asses, scrolling through Facebook, bitching about life and sucking down Xanax.  Wish me luck! 

Friday, January 5, 2018

My Sister’s Shawl MKAL

Spoiler Alert!!!  I’m doing the Cozy Up With the Stitching Sisters Mystery KAL

I just finished Clue fun pattern so far.  Their cast on tutorial was just what I needed as it has been a long time since I’ve done Judy’s Magic Loop Cast On.

My speckle color may have too much color because my color #3 isn’t really popping but I’m going to go with it.  It will sort of be like My Sister’s Shawl meets Find your Fade and besides I’m stash busting :)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Mara Shawl

Super easy Mara Shawl I worked on when I was in Ireland. Brainless pattern I could work on in a social setting without messing it up.  Gave it to my sister in law Charla. That’s her at work wearing it :). Found a darling shawl pin on Etsy to go with it.  Working on a purple shawl for my other sister in law Shana.  I started it years ago, put it down and now can’t remember what the heck the pattern is.  Anyway the yarn is a beautiful heathered purple and I’ve found some other patterns I really want to make so I may rip it out and start fresh.  Here’s Mara in a Rowan DK yarn.  

Baldric Sweater

Finished blocking and weaving in the ends of my Baldric sweater yesterday.  The pattern is by Isabelle Kraemer. I used an Irish yarn by Blackwater Abbey in the color bracken.  The yarn is not soft but friends that have used it said that it will soften up after a few washings.  Until then I can just wear turtlenecks with it.  The yarn blocked to size perfectly.  I made the Medium 1 size. It’s super warm so finishing it comes in handy with the temps routinely dipping below zero the past week.  I made some modifications to the pattern.  I added a collar and used the garter stitch stripe design in the sleeves to the collar. I added a garter stitch stripe to the bottom hemline and to the bottom of the sleeves.  I’d like to try making this one again in a softer yarn.  I’m starting up the mystery KAL with the Stitching Sisters tomorrow.  Have my yarn picked out. Almost done with a Dolman jacket in Navy blue and finishing up the Jamie shawl (by the Stitching Sisters Jamie).  

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Merry Belated Christmas

Merry Belated Christmas!  Hope everyone had a nice holiday!  We enjoyed a nice quite uneventful Christmas sight seeing lighthouses on Cape Cod.  Got a bit of knitting done at night.  Will be sharing the Baldric sweater with you all soon. Happy New Year Everyone!  Hope 2018 is a happy, healthy, active and creative one for you all!

We had a nice quiet Christmas. Got to sight see and visit 3 light houses and spent some time roaming the beach.  

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Amelia’s Stocking

 Finished this just in the nick of time.  This is a modified old Thimbleberries stocking pattern. Modified meaning I screwed up the pattern and had to resort to Plan B.  It all worked out.

A friend did the machine embroidery on the cuff for me.  Made for a friend’s 18 month old daughter.  This is her first healthy Christmas. Just got back from dropping it off to her house :).

Everybody have a wonderful Christmas.  Safe travels if you are on the roads.  Hope your Christmas projects all get finished in time.

Hope Santa brings you the yarn, fabric and crafty supplies you need to make it through 2017 :).

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas at Winterberry Cabin XS

Forgot how much I loved doing counted cross stitch.  It’s been a while since I picked it up.  Have a Christmas project prepped and ready to go.  I’m using an antique ivory Belfast 32 count linen to make this “ Christmas at Winterberry Cabin” design by Brenda Gervais.  I need an easy do-able project.  My Christmas Garden is winding down. :) Thinking I should rename it “Perennial Christmas Garden” for as long as it’s taking me to finish it :) 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Leftie Scarf

Finished another one of the “Leftie” Scarfs by Martina Behm.  I used leftover Cascade self striping/fake Fair Isle sock yarn.  The color is #26 Holiday and I think it’s been discontinued.   I made socks for a friend with small feet so I had a bunch left over.  The off white yarn is from my stash. I lost the label so I have no idea what it is.  When I added the Cascade to do the leaf pattern I cut away the long sections of white.
   Blocked in front of the gas fireplace this morning so it dried fast.


We had our first snow.  Only about 5”.  

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

“Daelyn” Pullover Finished

Finished the “Daelyn” pullover by Isabell Kraemer.  It fits great.  The pattern comes with a standard collar and directions for a cowl neck. I opted for the cowl neck.  The yarn is Cascade 220 in a heathered mint green.  If I made it again, the only thing I’d do differently is I’d make it shorter.  Really happy with how the cowl neck turned out. That took major blocking and pinning.

Coziest Memories Afghan

Making progress on the sock yarn afghan.  The pattern is Coziest Memories and it’s a freebie on Ravelry.  5 grams of sock yarn/fingering weight yarn will make one square.  Long term project that I’m totally enjoying. Every now and then I’ll see a mini skein on Etsy to add to it.  Hoping this time next year, it will be done.

Another Leftie and Skipping Christmas

Another “Leftie” Shawl by Martina Behm. This is my ‘go to’ pattern.  It used to be her Hitchhiker pattern but I like using two colors instead of one.  So many of my friends say they like mine when I’m wearing it. It’s easy to wear too.  You don’t have to fuss with it to get it to look nice on you. This is the 4th or 5th version I’ve made of it. This is a thank you present for a friend.  I have another one  cast on tUIKeyInputDownArrowhe needles now. We’re skipping Christmas this year.  By that I mean I’m only shopping for only the younger kids in the family.  We don’t want any presents. We need or want for nothing at this stage of our lives.  In fact we have too much stuff and I can’t give it away fast enough :). None of my family or friends live nearby and normally I’ll spend at least $150 shipping gifts. It’s just nuts!  My besties and the family are totally cool with it.  October was a complete blur since I was pretty much sick or half deaf the entire month so I figured this year I deserve a break. I’ve gotten little to no Christmas knitting or quilting done this year and rather than make the insane attempt to catch up, I’m taking a Christmas Vacation :).  Not going to set up the usual 4 Christmas trees.  Especially not setting up the Bruins tree (not the way they’ve been playing and please Santa can we make Anton the starting goalie all the time?). I’m skipping the cards too. Not baking cookies and goodies to feel guilty about eating :). If you’ve been following my blog over the years, you know I usually go crazy with anything Christmas. I unfortunately don’t have a staff of underlings like Martha Stewart or a maid. Wouldn’t either of those options be fantastic :). Just deep cleaning this house nevermind decorating takes a couple of days and several Alleves.  My main mission in life right now is to downsize the amount of stuff we have so our next house can be much smaller. The plan is to spend less time in that smaller house and more time traveling. We’re starting now :).  We’re going to spend Christmas in a seaside cottage.  It’s adorable.  I’m even thinking of ordering one of those premade heat and serve ham dinners with all the fixings.  The world will not spin off its axis if we skip Christmas for one year :). 

Isabell Kraemer Daelyn Sweater (My version)

I’m almost done with my Isabell Kraemer “Daelyn” pullover. I followed the cowl neck directions.  I was hoping to see a cowl neck version on Ravelry when other ladies made it but last time I checked nobody had done the cowl neck.  The directions were super well written!  Sweater #3 for the year.  Last year my New Year’s Resolution was to stop letting sweater patterns kick my butt and to actually make one that I’d wear out of the house without looking like a bag lady.  There’s a very thin line between looking “artsy” and looking like a “bad lady”.  I’ve crossed that line a time or two :) 

I started this toward the end of September. Last night I got all the ends woven in and this morning I started blocking it.  Of course the fur ball thinks I fired up the gas fire place just for her.  Hoping this has dried and is wearable tomorrow :)   Yarn is Cascade 220 in a heather color #9452.  I worked on this on the plane when I flew to Ireland.  Pictures hopefully tomorrow when it’s totally done. 

Next up on the needles for sweaters is Isabell’s “Baldric” pattern in a Blackwater Abbey yarn.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Black and White Photo Challenge

Current project...long term group KAL some of the fun ladies on the Irish knitting tour are doing in our Facebook group now that we are home.  This one will keep me busy for a while.  There is an elaborately cabled border that goes around this piece when it’s done. The pattern is Inis Oirr (which is the Aran Island) we stayed at for a couple of days.  A friend challenged me to do the black and white photo challenge on FB and I used the middle photo :).